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Thomas J. Barnickel III, CPA, Legislative Auditor


Performance and Special Reports - Fiscal Year 2002

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  Report Name Date Size Pages  
  Review of Local Government Audit Reports - Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2001 (Special) June 21, 2002 80K 17  
  Department of Planning - Review of Quarterly Reports to Budget Committees (Special) June 19, 2002 54K 7  
  Study of the Benefits of the Office of Legislative Audits Establishing a Fraud Hotline (Special) June 18, 2002 69K 14  
  Department of Human Resources - Social Services Administration - Out-of-Home Care Program (Performance) May 14, 2002 525K 77  
  Review of Audit Reports of Local Boards of Education and Public Library Boards - Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2000 (Special) March 7, 2002 128K 19  
  Maryland Thoroughbred and Harness Horse Racing Tracks (Special) March 4, 2002 73K 12  
  Letter to the Maryland Department of Planning (Special) January 31, 2002 35K 4  
  Statewide Review of Budget Closeout Transaction for Fiscal Year 2001 (Special) January 30, 2002 70K 23  
  Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland Physician Rehabilitation and Peer Review Activities Program (Special) January 11, 2002 124K 14  
  Compliance with the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 and Use of Alternative Fuel (Performance) January 9, 2002 258K 25  
  Office of the Public Defender - Budgetary and Financial Management Practices (Performance) November 26, 2001 132K 34  
  Department of Human Resources - The Maryland Energy Assistance Program and the Electric Universal Service Program (Performance) September 25, 2001 250K 41  
  Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation - Cost Allocation Methodology for Boards and Commissions (Performance) September 21, 2001 123K 25  
  Review of Community College Audit Reports - Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2000 (Special) June 27, 2001 41K 8  
  Review of Local Government Audit Reports - Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2000 (Special) June 25, 2001 60K 16  


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