OLA Fraud Hotline


The Office of Legislative Audits operates a hotline to receive allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse of State government resources.  The types of fraud and/or abuse of State resources that should be reported to the OLA Fraud Hotline include, but are not limited to

  • questionable procurement practices by a State agency
  • theft of State resources 
  • vendor kickbacks related to State contracts or payments
  • corruption within State government
  • potential conflicts of interest involving State employees
  • misuse or abuse of State resources
  • questionable ethical practices by State employees
  • significant violations of State laws and regulations

In addition to the OLA Fraud Hotline, a number of government agencies operate other hotlines for reporting specific types of fraud allegations.  If your referral to the OLA Fraud Hotline is a matter typically addressed by other agencies, we may forward your referral to those agencies while protecting your anonymity.  Prior to making a referral to the OLA Fraud Hotline, please review the list of other hotlines to see if a referral to them would be more appropriate.  For more information on the OLA Fraud Hotline including information on the applicability of the Maryland Whistleblower Law, please refer to our frequently asked questions.


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