Form Instructions

The Office of Legislative Audits maintains this web referral form to facilitate the reporting of allegations of fraud and/or abuse of State resources.

  • Please provide as much detail as possible below. For example,
    • Who is involved in the wrongdoing?
    • When did the wrongdoing occur and how long has it been occurring?
    • What was the wrongdoing?
    • How did the wrongdoing occur?
    • How much money is involved?
    • Has this matter been reported to someone else and to whom was it reported?
  • Information provided below will be handled under confidentiality requirements established by State law and/or Office of Legislative Audits' policy. The applicability of the various provisions of the Maryland Whistleblower Law to an Executive Branch employee submitting an allegation to OLA is a matter for legal interpretation. Consequently, OLA cannot offer legal advice or assurances of that law’s applicability to individuals making referrals or the specific allegations referred to its fraud hotline.
  • You may remain anonymous. However, we encourage you to identify yourself in the event additional questions arise as we evaluate your allegations.
  • The information you submit on this form will be transmitted via a secure connection.
  • If you prefer to speak directly (in English only) with someone about your concern, you may call our toll free fraud hotline at 1-877-FRAUD-11 (1-877-372-8311).
  • Please submit any available documentation to support the allegation. You may upload the documentation below or send it via regular mail to Attn: Fraud Hotline, Office of Legislative Audits, 351 West Camden Street, Suite 400, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Referral Information

To ensure your referral is directed to the appropriate agency, please review the information below.

For allegations involving

  • Welfare Fraud including Food Stamps (SNAP), TCA, etc.
  • Medicaid, Medical Assistance, etc.
  • Unemployment
  • Insurance
  • Housing Assistance, Section 8, etc.
  • Tax Fraud and Scams
  • Identity Theft
  • Local School Systems

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For other allegations, please complete the form below.

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