Staff Auditor Opportunities



As a Staff Auditor with the Office of Legislative Audits, you'll work as part of a team on a variety of interesting and challenging audit assignments.  You'll apply auditing techniques and analytical skills to evaluate State operations and identify areas for improvement.  You'll be exposed to fiscal compliance and performance auditing and obtain diverse experience working with many different sectors of government.


You'll also have the opportunity to


  • interact with personnel from all levels of State government;
  • research laws governing State operations;
  • learn about issues of public interest;
  • analyze controls over systems and processes to identify problems that could compromise State operations;
  • ensure that public funds are appropriately managed and spent;
  • assess the performance of government programs;
  • uncover instances of fraud, waste, and abuse in State government;
  • develop audit findings and recommendations to improve government operations and facilitate decision making; and
  • present audit results to agency management.

The knowledge and skills you develop as a Staff Auditor with OLA prepare you for a challenging and successful career. The experience you obtain at OLA enhances your professional proficiency and also meets the practical work experience requirement for obtaining your CPA license. At OLA you will carry out your responsibilities with the highest degree of integrity and independence and make a difference in improving government accountability.


For more information on a Staff Auditor position with the OLA, contact your school's career center or email us at Students may apply during their senior year for a full-time Staff Auditor position upon graduation.