Organizational Structure

Legislative Auditor                                                   Gregory A. Hook, CPA

Compliance and Performance Audit Division

Brian S. Tanen, CPA, CFE, Director

The Compliance and Performance Audit Division is responsible for performing mandated fiscal compliance audits of all Executive and Judicial Branch agencies of State government at least once every three to four years.  These audits evaluate financial and administrative activities to ascertain whether appropriate procedures and controls are in place; whether laws, rules, and regulations have been complied with; and whether transactions have been properly recorded.

The division also conducts performance audits to assess economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and program results; financial management audits of local school systems; and special reviews at the request of the General Assembly.  Finally, the division is responsible for investigating allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse received through the Office's Fraud Hotline.  

Information Systems Audit Division

Stephen P. Jersey, CPA, CISA, Director

The Information Systems Audit Division is responsible for auditing general controls and network security over State agencies' information systems.  The division also provides information technology support to the Office which includes the acquisition and maintenance of computer hardware and software, and the development and maintenance of the Office's network and management information systems.

Quality Assurance and Professional Development Division

Jacquelyn Blocher-Moran, CPA, Director

The Quality Assurance and Professional Development Division has three primary responsibilities which support the Office's auditing functions.  The division provides a quality control process to ensure the overall reliability and integrity of the Office’s audit reports and compliance with professional standards. The division coordinates the Office’s recruiting, training, and professional development activities.  Finally, the division oversees the Office’s administrative functions.