To serve the General Assembly and the citizens of Maryland by providing independent, objective, and non-partisan audits and evaluations of Executive and Judicial branch agencies to improve State government fiscal operations and programs.


Citizens and State officials are confident that we are instrumental in the State’s efforts to ensure that assets are safeguarded, public funds are appropriately managed and spent, and financial and administrative practices comply with governing statutes and regulations. 

Statement of Values


We are committed to

  • providing objective, reliable, and useful services;
  • adhering to the standards of the auditing profession and exercising the highest ethical standards; and
  • providing a work environment that promotes excellence through teamwork, personal growth, and mutual respect.



  • Audit and evaluation results and recommendations are effective. 
  • Audit services meet professional standards and legal requirements.
  • Attract and retain highly qualified, motivated, and dedicated individuals.
  • The work environment fosters and values trust, open communication, and professional enrichment.