A Message from the Legislative Auditor


Welcome to the website of the Maryland Office of Legislative Audits.  As the name implies, the Office conducts independent and unbiased audits of State agencies, thereby serving the Maryland General Assembly and the citizens of Maryland through their elected representatives.  I am proud of the Office’s long tradition of service, its cherished reputation of excellence and fairness, and its role in assisting the General Assembly in holding State agencies accountable for their stewardship in the management of public funds and for ensuring efficient and effective operations in accordance with State laws and regulations. 

While the Office can trace its roots back to the appointment of a State Auditor in 1902, the Office’s more recent history dates from 1968 when it became a unit of the Department of Fiscal Services and of its successor, the Department of Legislative Services.  As Legislative Auditor, I am honored and proud to be one of a select few chosen to lead such a successful and dedicated group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and abilities who share a common purpose to do their part in improving State government operations.


Please explore the Office’s website and that of our parent agency, the Department of Legislative Services, to find out more about our respective missions and services to the General Assembly.  Speaking for the employees of the Office, I can say without hesitation that we prize the opportunity to provide these important services by both contributing to and promoting government accountability.

Gregory A. Hook, CPA

Legislative Auditor



Past Legislative Auditors of Maryland

Thomas J. Barnickel III, CPA   2012 to 2018

Bruce A. Myers, CPA   1997 to 2012

Anthony J. Verdecchia, CPA   1987 to 1997

Charles C. Piazza, CPA   1983 to 1986

Eugene J. Gerzack, CPA   1978 to 1983

Pierce J. Lambdin, CPA   1968 to 1978