Gregory A. Hook, CPA

Legislative Auditor




Brian S. Tanen, CPA, CFE

Director, Compliance and Performance

Audit Division


Joshua S. Adler, CPA, CFE, Assistant Director

Audit Managers

Catherine M. Clarke, CPA, CIA, CFE

Edward A. Rubenstein, CPA

Robert J. Smith, CPA


Paul R. Denz, CPA, Assistant Director

Audit Managers

Bekana Edossa, CPA

Michael J. Murdzak, CPA

Robert A. Wells, Jr., CPA


Matthew L. Streett, CPA, CFE, Assistant Director

Audit Managers

Raymond G. Burton, Jr., CPA, CFE

Mark S. Hagenbuch, CPA, CFE

Adam J. Westover, CPA



Stephen P. Jersey, CPA, CISA

Director, Information Systems

Audit Division


Audit Managers

R. Brendan Coffey, CPA, CISA

Edwin L. Paul, CPA, CISA



Jacquelyn Blocher-Moran, CPA

Director, Quality Assurance and

Professional Development Division


Christine A. Timanus, CPA, Assistant Director

Quality Assurance Manager

Heather A. Warriner, CPA