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Thomas J. Barnickel III, CPA, Legislative Auditor

The Office of Legislative Audits (OLA) operates a fraud hotline to facilitate the reporting of allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse of State government resources. In addition to the OLA Fraud Hotline, a number of government agencies operate hotlines for reporting specific types of fraud allegations. If your referral to the OLA Fraud Hotline is a matter typically addressed by other agencies we may forward your referral to those agencies while protecting your anonymity. Prior to making a referral to the OLA Fraud Hotline, please review the list of hotlines to see if your referral to them would be appropriate. When referring allegations to the OLA Fraud Hotline, the following information is applicable.

  • When completing the fraud submission form, please provide as much detail as possible concerning who, when, where, what, how, and how much is involved with the referral.

  • Information provided on the submission form will be handled under confidentiality requirements established by State law and/or Office of Legislative Audits' policy. Executive department employees providing information are protected by State law.

  • You need not provide your name, although it would be helpful in case we have follow-up questions.

  • Please note that all categories on the submission form marked with a check must be completed.

  • The information you submit on the submission form will be entered via a secure connection.

  • If you prefer to speak directly (in English only) with someone about your concern, you may call our toll free fraud hotline at 1-877-FRAUD-11 (1-877-372-8311).







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